Mark Wilkinson, VP Unconventionals at GroundMetrics, was invited to write a contributed article for E&P Magazine which published earlier this week. In the story, Mark does a deep-dive into everything from our technical methodology to applications in water flooding and hydraulic fracture monitoring. He addresses key questions that operators face everyday as they try to understand how formations are reacting to injected fluid:

“Whether it’s conventional EOR or hydraulic fracturing, one of the key questions operators ask is where is the injected fluid going in the subsurface? Far-field resistivity mapping answers those questions. Resistivity, long a standard in wireline logging for detecting hydrocarbons, can also be used to detect tertiary recovery flood fronts—CO2, water, steam, etc. Hydraulic fracture fluids also can be mapped to define the extent of fluid invasion. This information, combined with an operator’s knowledge of the field or formation, yields direct answers to optimize field development.”

You can read the full article here:

Ground-breaking, Ground Truth