GroundMetrics CEO George Eiskamp spoke at the Triton Leaders Conference + Celebration at UCSD on Feb. 2. The Conference is an event showcasing innovation, opportunity, and leadership by current UCSD students/faculty as well as alumni. George was part of a group of accomplished San Diegans with ties to UCSD speaking to conference attendees.

In addition to leading GroundMetrics to groundbreaking innovations, George serves an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at UCSD. The EIR program places experienced entrepreneurs “in residence” on campus, making them available to students and faculty who need advice on advancing their ideas, technologies and startups. As part of this role, George spends time on campus guiding the UCSD community in entrepreneurship, startup creation, and commercialization of new technologies. Among his roles there, he supports The Basement, an on-campus collaboration space dedicated to entrepreneurial education and support for students interested in business and social innovation.

In that role, George gave a talk under the topic of Supporting Triton Innovation giving a short history of his career and outlining some general principles of startups and entrepreneurship, with a focus on best practices .