As some of you probably know, GroundMetrics’ eQubeTM sensors and EosTM data acquisition units are all-weather, all-terrain devices; they can function in inhospitable conditions such as desert locations, or the Dakotas’ Drift Prairie in winter. But what you may not know is our staff is the same; where the systems go, they follow, and they function in those places too!

We did a winter survey at a site on the Bakken Formation in North Dakota. The bright sunshine and our field specialists’ sunny smiles are deceptive; the temperature that day was around -20F. The locals said it might have been the coldest day of the winter, and it was definitely the coldest weather we’d ever operated in. But neither the field crew (below left) nor the equipment (below right) was troubled by the cold and snow and we acquired some excellent data on the frozen ground.

The field crew weren’t the only GroundMetrics staff out there that day, however. Because of the beautiful snowy location, GroundMetrics’ San Diego-based management decided it would be a good opportunity to take some pictures. So they sent our multi-functional VP of Administration, Jessie, out to do a photo shoot. Since Jessie handles the huge variety of mostly thankless but extremely essential work we throw at her with unfailing energy, cheerfulness, and competence, we assumed she’d be fine. And the pictures were great, despite the fact that she had to dash back into the car left running with its heater on every few minutes because the camera lens kept fogging over and freezing. But on a day when hundreds of San Diego residents were taking selfies at the beach, Jessie’s self-portrait (below left) was of a real marketing trooper. We’re sorry, Jess! (not really; the pics are terrific! Check out our eQubeTM below right).

So if you’re interested in some resistivity measurements in extreme conditions, please contact us. Our staff is as hardy as our technology and we can get your job done.