TCS-30™ Source

The TCS-30™ source is one of the key components that powers GroundMetrics’ proprietary formation specific multi-mile resistivity mapping services. The TCS-30™ source leverages borehole casings to achieve unprecedented range of depth (>10,000 feet) from the surface and unprecedented lateral range (>2 miles) without putting anything inside the wellbore.


Safety & Cost Advantages – GroundMetrics’ TCS-30™ provides significant safety and cost advantages with low-power source technology that stimulates underground reservoirs at full depth without requiring anything to be deployed in the borehole.

The TCS-30™ is comprised of an industry standard transmitter with 11 unique selectable waveforms that can be run with duty cycles at 100%, 50%, 33%, and 25%. A proprietary Imon™ measures the output signal with precision better than 0.01% and as high as 0.004%. The Imon™ also controls the TCS-30™ remotely for extra safe operation.

High Quality, Useful Data – The TCS-30™ is instrumental in collecting high-quality and useful data. Its configuration and deployment design are the key to producing satisfactory signal-to-noise ratios.

Continuous Monitoring – The TCS-30™ system’s practical configuration ability to collect data make it suitable for permanent or semi-permanent installation for continuous monitoring.




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