Eos™ Wireless 24-Bit Data Recorder

Accurate. Efficient. Dependable. The Eos™ was born from GroundMetrics’ exclusive collaboration with an industry leading wireless seismic data recorder manufacturer. Together, the two companies developed a system designed to optimize workflow with GroundMetrics’ eQube™ sensors.

Additionally, GroundMetrics developed quality control software to maximize survey efficiency and precision.

The end result is the Eos™ with advanced performance benefits:


Data Accuracy:

  • Real-time wireless quality control system avoids dropped stations and missing locations.
  • In-situ sensor calibration ensures the highest possible precision and accuracy possible with modern electronics.
  • GPS timing included in data stream to ensure phase information for high-quality data.



Complete Data – The Eos™ records at an exceptionally high sample rate with 1000 samples per second per channel and hosts three channels per system allowing for orthogonal (Ex, Ey) acquisition as well as advanced noise cancellation.

Long-Term Data Storage – The Eos™ stores massive amounts of data making long-term deployment possible.

  • Storage capacity for up to one month of data.
  • Old data never overwritten even when the unit’s power is cycled.


Rapid Turnaround – With its wireless interface, the Eos ™ provides near real-time monitoring of sensor systems in the field.

Survey Efficiency – The Eos™ system’s automatic meta data upload coupled with reliable wireless interface makes it ideal in circumstances where quick deployment, fast cycle times, minimal gear, and portability are desirable.


Survey Design Flexibility – The Eos™ enables deployment with multiple sensor system configurations allowing for maximum survey design flexibility.

  • Surveys are not limited to line configurations or fixed spacing. Systems can be clustered around areas of highest interest or be deployed sparsely on the perimeters to scout potential areas of interest.
  • Sensors can also be configured in multiple ways to acquire the richest data sets available (each Eos™ can be Er/Et, Ex/Ey, or all in-line).
  • Less cable allows for acquisition in harder to get to spots and is less environmentally invasive in areas with thick vegetation.

GroundMetrics has exclusive rights to use and sell this system and plans to make it compatible with traditional galvanic electrodes and then make that version available for sale.

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