Technology Overview

GroundMetrics has developed a new class of land-based electromagnetic sensors and survey methods that acquire deep subsurface resistivity data between and far beyond wellbores. This unique technology provides full field imaging & monitoring level precision.

This suite of technologies opens new opportunities for your oilfield with key technological advancements:

Mobile TechnologyMake Small & Large Surveys Feasible – Wireless communications combined with capacitive sensors enable fast acquisition and rapid cycle time making small and large surveys (one to hundreds of miles in size) feasible.



TechOverviewOperate in Most Terrains & Environments – The use of capacitive sensors, which don’t require an electrochemical interaction with the earth, make operations in most terrains and environments possible.  They can even operate in arid regions, something  not feasible with industry standard electromagnetic sensors.

These sensors are non-invasive and operate 100% at the surface.


Increase Lateral Range – Placing the source/transmitter counter electrode on the surface at a significant distance* away from the wellbore casing greatly increases the lateral range of the electric-field (>2 miles, >3 km) in all directions radiating 360 degrees away from the wellbore casing.

Acquire Multi-Mile Resistivity Data – Deploying the sensors at the surface and counter electrodes also at the surface but at a significant distance away from the wellbore allows data to be acquired between and far beyond wellbores.

Long-Term MonitoringEnables Time-Lapse Surveys – Unparalleled precision and stability throughout the signal chain allow for monitoring via time-lapse surveys.

Permanent Installation – Such precision and stability combined with capacitive sensors that are immune to environmental changes mean the system can be installed permanently for ongoing monitoring. (Roadmap)


The GroundMetrics proprietary system consists of rapidly deployable capacitive electric-field sensors (eQube™), a man-portable wireless 24-bit data recorder (Eos™), a non-invasive Top Casing Source (TCS-30™), and a hybrid source control unit that also measures the source output with the highest achievable accuracy possible using current electronics (Imon™).

The technology is optimized for low frequency operation over the band 0.1 Hz – 100 Hz with operation from 0. 01 Hz – 500 Hz. The system is health, safety, and environmentally (HSE) friendly with no impact on wildlife and livestock.

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