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GroundMetrics is continually improving and looking for additional applications for its revolutionary technology.

Roadmap2Real-Time Hydraulic Fracturing Monitoring

GroundMetrics continues to refine processing techniques to provide faster results.  Soon you’ll be able to see the fluid as it’s pumped in each stage in real-time.  Make in-situ decisions for how much fluid to pump.

Long-Term Monitoring
GroundMetrics technology enables permanent or semi-permanent deployment for a number of continuous monitoring applications.

  • Improve accuracy and versatility by viewing the entire data record and performing long-period averages to reduce noise.
  • Distinguish between changes to surface or near-surface infrastructure versus subsurface fluid movement by tracking the event history through the data record.

GroundMetrics TCS-30™ source and eQube™ sensing technology are uniquely suited to provide reliable time-lapse data and long-term continuous monitoring throughout the year, in essentially all types of terrain.

  • The low-power and non-invasive characteristics of the TCS-30™ source enable long deployments as well as permanent and semi-permanent installation for continuous monitoring.
  • The capacitive nature of the eQube™ system provides a multi-year and possibly multi-decade operational lifetime, even when exposed to extreme environmental conditions, and allows the sensors to remain unattended throughout the year.

Long-period averaging improves signal-to-noise ratio, which is critical for acquiring and identifying the small surface signals that detect small fluid movements at depth. Averaging also allows for greater versatility regarding transmitter power output and waveform options.

You can reduce life-of-service costs on any fields that are candidates for continuous monitoring via permanent or semi-permanent.

Long-term continuous monitoring can be applied to:

  • Oil Reservoir Imaging for Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
  • CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) Monitoring, Verification and Accounting (MVA)
  • Fresh water storage


To find out more about future applications for GroundMetrics technology and services, please contact us.





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