Oilfield Solutions

GroundMetrics’ full-field resistivity maps provide an enhanced view to help engineers and geologists make better drill and field development decisions. GroundMetrics provides data that distinctly discerns resistors (oil, gas & CO2) from conductors (salt water, steam & chemicals).

Improve production and exploration results with more data about fluid properties, distribution and movement.

Manage Injections and Prevent Premature Fluid Breakthrough

Maximize efficiency of injection programs with more accurate monitoring of conformance and sweep efficiency.

See the location and shape of flood fronts for early warning of potential premature fluid breakthrough. Applicable to water, steam, chemical and CO2 floods.
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  • Detect breakthrough and leak points early and put preventive measures in place.
  • Identify preferential flow directions for pattern orientation
  • Improve usage of purchased CO2
  • Stop costly out-of-zone losses
  • Calculate saturation from resistivity and temperature

Find Bypassed Hydrocarbons and Undiscovered Oil

  • Map known and previously unknown bypassed reserves.
  • Discover previously unseen structural and stratigraphic traps.
  • Improve infill and stepout drill decisions.

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Monitor Fluid Flow from Hydraulic Fracturing

Current industry standard methods for determining far field earth response to fracture treatment are limited. GroundMetrics Hydraulic Frac Fluid Monitoring is the first system to accurately map fluid movement during a fracture treatment.

  • Produce more oil by minimizing unproduced zones between wells.
  • Save costs by pumping less frac fluid.
  • Reduce the number of wells drilled and frac’d.
  • Map one pad to determine spacing for other pads in the same sector.
  • Set the stage to monitor flow back and production volume.

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De-risk Drill Decisions

Identify hydrocarbons versus water and de-risk drill decisions with more information about subsurface fluid properties.

Optimize Field Development Planning

Increase drilling success rates and optimize placement of delineation wells, original producers, injectors, as well as infill and stepout wells with more information about hydrocarbon and water locations and boundaries.

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Get Accurate Reservoir Characterization Details

Apply actual resistivity data from the entire field or the entire sector of interest rather than correlating or extrapolating between wells.

  • Image reservoir resistivity to determine fluid contacts
  • Determine sweep efficiency, flood front locations, and areal/vertical conformance
  • Acquire 3D and 4D resistivity distribution
  • Map Residual Oil Zones (ROZ)

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