Every year, Rice University’s Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship hosts an Energy and Clean Technology Venture Forum. Over the past decade and a half, Rice Alliance has helped more than 250 startups raise more than half a billion dollars in early stage capital.

The annual Energy Forum is a staple for venture investors interested in oil and gas technology and nearly every major private fund and corporate investor attends. Technological innovation is the key to growth, especially in a tough market, and the Energy Forum is one of the places that experts go to get a taste for what the oilfield of tomorrow looks like. They want to find out how to leverage new technologies to strengthen their businesses.

Here at GroundMetrics, we’re working to bring new technology to the oilfield every day. We’re pushing the boundaries of geoscience and turning those advances into insights that create dramatic cost savings and optimization opportunities for producers. That’s why we were honored to be invited to present at the Energy and Clean Technology Venture Forum by one of the event sponsors.

Our CEO, George Eiskamp, just landed in Houston and is excited to share the behind-the-scenes details of how our sensor systems are changing the way top E&Ps map hydraulic fractures, make critical field development decisions, and increase the efficiency of enhanced-oil-recovery operations. If you’re in Houston, don’t miss it.