The past year was full of action here at GroundMetrics. One of the developments we’re most proud of was a ground-truth case study that demonstrated that our systems can be used to directly map frac fluid. We had already been running surveys on conventional oil fields for a variety of applications, but hadn’t yet proven that our techniques could work to optimize frac’ing.

So we worked with the US Department of Energy and Encana, the 6th largest US natural gas company, to run a side-by-side blind test on one of their fields with other geophysical methods like seismic. The results were astounding.

“The company proved in a case study that it can trace where fluid actually goes in a hydraulic fracturing operation, and compared those results from microseismic and tracers. In that study, GroundMetrics demonstrated the potential commercial benefits of its technology to minimize unproduced zones between wells and allow more oil to be produced. It can also reduce the amount of frac fluid needed and the number of wells drilled.” – Rigzone

Karen Boman, veteran oil & gas industry reporter and Senior Editor at Rigzone, did a deep dive into what the impacts mean for the industry and published an exclusive story on Thursday, March 26th. Her article takes a comprehensive look at GroundMetrics, covering everything from an inside scoop on the case study, to exactly how the system works, the size of the market, different applications on the oilfield, competitive landscape, and the technology’s origins in scientific research for the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, Department of Defense, and National Science Foundation.

But don’t take our word for it, go read Karen’s story right now:

Sensor Technology Allows Better Visibility in Tracking Fluids