At GroundMetrics, we have a high opinion of our employees and their work. But it’s always nice to have that validated by peers in the scientific field.

GroundMetrics geophysicist Dr. Kristopher MacLennan is lead author on a paper co-authored with Denbury Resources for SEG’s 2016 Annual Meeting titled “Using depth to surface resistivity for mapping CO2.,” which describes how the GroundMetrics depth to surface resistivity (DSR) technique can be used to assist in detection and monitoring of CO2 and water floods within a reservoir. Kris also gave a presentation based on the paper at the Annual Meeting.

We’ve been pleased and proud to get notification from SEG that the paper was awarded Honorable Mention in the category of Best Paper Presented at the 2016 Meeting after the presentation was ranked as one of the top 30 presented. In addition, representatives from a commercial oil & gas organization who saw the presentation were so impressed that they contacted us and the organization is now a customer. We’re so happy the paper demonstrated both scientific and commercial merit.

We’re very grateful to Kris and the other authors of the paper for presenting GroundMetrics’ work to the geophysics community so well. If you have any questions about the paper or other aspects of our work, please feel free to contact us.