When most people hear the words “Geotech” or “Field Specialist” they probably envision rather mundane work. However, GroundMetrics’ field crew actually has some pretty exciting adventures and, since our success is based on their hard work, we thought we’d share a little about what they get up to.

The pictures above are from an oilfield test in the Middle East. On the left is our stalwart engineer Joe, who was as completely unfazed by the sandstorm blowing up behind him as by the curious visitor to the test site he snapped a picture of. Our eQube™ sensors got buried, but they weren’t fazed either and collected some excellent data.

The team had a very different experience at the Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership’s Kevin Dome site. The first few days delivered perfect weather in a gorgeous setting that clearly showed how Montana got its nickname of Big Sky Country. But a surprise overnight snowstorm brought a huge change to the working conditions. Both our sensors (below left) and our staff (below right) adapted without any trouble, though.

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Sometimes the work requires roughing it in remote areas of the world, but other times the crew gets lucky and they don’t have to travel far from civilization. For this collection, they just had to be quiet so they didn’t disturb the owner of the red and yellow vehicle in the picture while he napped.

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If you like a little travel and adventure in your work, keep an eye on the Careers Page! We’re hiring!