We’re excited to be heading to Houston for the Summer NAPE expo on August 19 and 20. This will be our fourth NAPE event and we love it more each time. The conference is a great place to re-connect with operators and help begin determining a plan for finding bypassed pay in mature fields.

NAPE attendees will have the chance to see in person how resistivity data can help optimize drill locations and increase drill success thus lowering the production cost per barrel.

While resistivity has been around the industry for decades, Full-Field Resistivity is something that many operators are not used to seeing. Operators at NAPE get to discover how we’re different than standard induction logs. Instead of being limited to inches from the wellbore as resistivity logs are, we’re able to see resistivity up to 2 miles (3 km) out from the wellbore allowing us to show resistivity readings for entire fields.

Producers attending NAPE will also learn how resistivity imaging can both stand alone and compliment seismic data to get the most reliable understanding of the subsurface possible. By overlaying resistivity images on seismic, interpretation can reveal new things (such as new faults or more accurate locations of known faults) that may have been missed in the original seismic interpretation.

We’ll be at booth 3128 as well as roaming around the show (and of course hitting up the Icebreaker Event). Come see us in Houston at NAPE on August 19 and 20; email us at info@groundmetrics.com to schedule a meeting in advance. See you there!

If you’re not able to be at NAPE in person, you can learn more about how Full-Field Resistivity data can help guide your field development decisions in a write up featured in E&P Magazine.