Mark has three decades of entrepreneurial experience leading teams in the development and commercialization of innovative technologies.

Prior to joining GroundMetrics, Mark founded, led, and funded San Diego based MagneSensors, Inc. for twenty years. MagneSensors developed ultra-sensitive magnetic sensors for diverse applications ranging from the detection of subsurface cracks for NASA and underwater magnetic anomalies for the Department of Defense, to life science diagnostics for the National Institutes of Health.

Previously, Mark built and led the core technology team at Biomagnetic Technologies, the pioneer in magnetic source imaging to localize brain function for neurosurgeons. Biomagnetic Technologies completed a successful IPO, ultimately raising over $100M. In its earliest years, the company had been the first to commercialize ultra-sensitive magnetic sensors for geophysical prospecting.

Mark has also worked as a staff scientist at MIT Lincoln Labs. He received a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford University and an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College. Mark holds 10 patents and has authored numerous scientific publications as well as given invited talks in the U.S., Europe, China, and Japan. He is perhaps proudest of the fact that he persuaded the prestigious (and very traditional) journal Nature to include the word “manufacturable” in the title of his article, the only time they have done so in 173 years and counting!

Mark has secured over two dozen government grants and contracts from six different government agencies and not surprisingly he most likes the funding part of the government funding process. He also has a fondness for collaborations and has established seventy of them with top universities, national labs, and companies.

Outside of his professional contributions, Mark volunteered a morning a week in the elementary school classroom for grades K-5 as well as coached AYSO soccer and Little League baseball. He enjoys participating in many sports, including volleyball, tennis, skiing, soccer, and now pickleball.

In addition to leading cutting edge technical teams, Mark enjoys making use of a varied skill set that includes business development, project management, operations, financial management, intellectual property, licensing, and human resources.

At GroundMetrics we look forward to heading down new paths with him.