GroundMetrics’ CEO George Eiskamp recently gave an interview for Rocketship.FM, one of the leading podcasts about entrepreneurship and tech startups. Host Michael Sacca asked him about everything from our origin story to the particular challenges that startups face in the energy industry. You can listen to the full interview here.

During the conversation, George shared a few pieces of practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  1. Don’t adhere to or rebel against conventional wisdom, make your own decisions based on first principles.
  2. Choose a business model that fits your vision and industry, don’t go just go by the book.
  3. Being an entrepreneur means seeing things others don’t and braving challenges others won’t.
  4. Find early adopters, sell them on your story, and find ways to improve their business.
  5. Recruit world-class influencers to your advisory board to give your startup credibility .
  6. Show, don’t tell, why your solution is dramatically better than the alternatives.
  7. Don’t be shy. It’s all about building strong relationships with your first customers and learning from them.
  8. Raising investment from a venture capital firm is not a proxy for success, though it may be required. True success is closing customers, delivering value, and turning a profit.
  9. Don’t feel the need to follow tech industry news. Grow your business. Everything else is a distraction.
  10. Advice is important but at the end of the day, you need to build the company that will maximize the value of your technology.

For a deep dive into these topics and how we’ve applied them at GroundMetrics, head over to Rocketship.FM and listen to the complete interview.