Loading up for a job.

Loading up for a survey.

We’ve had a busy spring here at GroundMetrics. We hurtled passed technical milestones, some big industry big hitters joined our team, and jobs have been pouring in from clients. This week we just loaded up the truck to head out on another job.

Overall, the oil industry has been hit hard by aftershocks from the price rout last fall. But because our surveys help make operators more efficient, we’ve seen a surge in new business despite the bear market. But we’re not alone. Companies that leverage high technology to get more oil out of the ground are growing fast.

Ernest Scheyder, a veteran energy industry correspondent for Reuters, highlighted GroundMetrics in a recent story that illuminates this trend:

“The tech geeks are coming to the oil industry’s rescue… For example, privately held GroundMetrics Inc originally used its technology applying electromagnetic sensors to track fluid movements deep underground in geothermal wells and only late last year started marketing it for shale formations.”

You can read the full article here.