Far Field Resistivity

Improving your field development decisions.

Accurate Reservoir Characterization

Far Field Resistivity

Apply resistivity data from the entire field to accurately characterize your reservoir. Reduce subsurface uncertainty and improve production and exploration results with more data about fluid properties, distribution and movement.

Superior data. Better decisions.

Data Acquisition

GroundMetrics Far Field Resistivity surveys use existing wells to illuminate deep underground geologies. Capacitive sensors combined with wireless communications enable fast acquisition and rapid cycle time making small and large surveys feasible

Assess hydrocarbon pay zones with greater accuracy

Make better decisions with Far Field Resistivity tying your well bores together in three dimensions.

Superior data made even smarter.

Data Analytics & Imaging

GroundMetrics uses proprietary data processing, modeling and 3D resistivity inversion code to power Far Field Resistivity. We’ve developed sophisticated data analytics platforms using machine learning to improve the quality of results. Near-surface and overburden cancellation techniques remove “noise” from geological inhomogeneities between the reservoir and surface to improve accuracy of the image