What We’ve Learned

Cultivating our IP Portfolio

With oil prices lower than they’ve been in a decade, the oil industry is seeking ways to optimize its operations to achieve maximum efficiency. The Journal of Petroleum Technology explored how the price situation is driving innovation in recent article “Pressure Test for E&P Innovation.” When seeking out innovation leaders to contribute to the […]

Ground-breaking, Ground Truth

Mark Wilkinson, VP Unconventionals at GroundMetrics, was invited to write a contributed article for E&P Magazine which published earlier this week. In the story, Mark does a deep-dive into everything from our technical methodology to applications in water flooding and hydraulic fracture monitoring. He addresses key questions that operators face everyday as they try […]

Cracking Into The Old Boys Club

GroundMetrics’ CEO George Eiskamp recently gave an interview for Rocketship.FM, one of the leading podcasts about entrepreneurship and tech startups. Host Michael Sacca asked him about everything from our origin story to the particular challenges that startups face in the energy industry. You can listen to the full interview here.

During the conversation, George shared […]