GroundMetrics’ CEO George Eiskamp Gives a Talk on Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UCSD’s Triton Leaders Conference

GroundMetrics CEO George Eiskamp spoke at the Triton Leaders Conference + Celebration at UCSD on Feb. 2. The Conference is an event showcasing innovation, opportunity, and leadership by current UCSD students/faculty as well as alumni. George was part of a group of accomplished San Diegans with ties to UCSD speaking to conference attendees.

In addition […]

GroundMetrics’ All-Weather Service!

As some of you probably know, GroundMetrics’ eQubeTM sensors and EosTM data acquisition units are all-weather, all-terrain devices; they can function in inhospitable conditions such as desert locations, or the Dakotas’ Drift Prairie in winter. But what you may not know is our staff is the same; where the systems go, they follow, and […]