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The GroundMetrics culture is built on strong interpersonal relationships and cultivates a work environment that encourages independent thinking, self-initiative, and commitment to excellence. The company values integrity, ambition, and responsibility among other qualities in its personnel.

GroundMetrics offers competitive compensation packages and is an equal opportunity employer. GroundMetrics does not discriminate against applicants or employees based on age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, veteran status or disability.

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Our team is comprised of the best of the best, and that includes you. Whether you are a vendor or service provider, a consultant or contractor, or an employee or family member, we know you are our long-term partner and critical to our success.

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George Eiskamp

CEO & Co-Founder

George Eiskamp has a successful track record commercializing new sensor systems. He began his career in business management and strategic marketing consulting at Bainbridge.

He was one of the early employees of Awarepoint, where he led early stage sales, marketing and installation of active RFID location systems and helped the company win the 2005 Connect “Most Innovative New Product” Award and raise venture capital.

Scott Bradley

SVP of Drilling Technology

Scott Bradley is an accomplished oil industry veteran who brings to GroundMetrics his decades of experience in Directional Drilling operations, engineering, and sales.

At GroundMetrics, Mr. Bradley serves as Sr. VP of Drilling Technology. He leads the integration and launch of our eQube™ electromagnetic (EM) sensor for better Measurement While Drilling (MWD) telemetry and also commercialization of the technology for directional drilling, drilling optimization, and geosteering applications.

Jessie Kaffai

VP of Operations

Jessie Kaffai is a seasoned corporate professional with the skills and training to run all aspects of day to day corporate management. Her broad abilities in management, finance, operations and marketing make her GroundMetrics’ “go to” person on a wide variety of company projects.

At GroundMetrics, Ms. Kaffai serves as VP of Operations, handling HR, marketing, project planning and management, financial projections and oversight, safety procedures and documentation, and company branding and direction.