Hi-tech and Big Data offer hope to battered U.S. oil industry

We’ve had a busy spring here at GroundMetrics. We hurtled passed technical milestones, some big industry big hitters joined our team, and jobs have been pouring in from clients. This week we just loaded up the truck to head out on another job.

Overall, the oil industry has been hit hard by aftershocks from the […]

Angel Capital Association Selects GroundMetrics as Finalist for Most Innovative Portfolio Company

The Angel Capital Association (ACA) is the leading professional organization that supports angel investors that back high-growth technology companies. Thousands of startups pitch their members for funding every year and here at GroundMetrics, we’re honored to have a number of members as shareholders.

That’s why we were so excited to be selected as a finalist […]

Sensor Technology Allows Better Visibility in Tracking Fluids

The past year was full of action here at GroundMetrics. One of the developments we’re most proud of was a ground-truth case study that demonstrated that our systems can be used to directly map frac fluid. We had already been running surveys on conventional oil fields for a variety of applications, but hadn’t yet […]

Cracking Into The Old Boys Club

GroundMetrics’ CEO George Eiskamp recently gave an interview for Rocketship.FM, one of the leading podcasts about entrepreneurship and tech startups. Host Michael Sacca asked him about everything from our origin story to the particular challenges that startups face in the energy industry. You can listen to the full interview here.

During the conversation, George shared […]

Carbon storage and bovine romance

In the summer of 2013, GroundMetrics was hired to conduct a demonstration on the Aquistore Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) test site. CCS is a simple idea – CO2 that we don’t want in the atmosphere is “captured” at the point of release, transported to a likely site, and injected deep underground with the […]

Welcome to GroundMetrics

Here at GroundMetrics, we have a problem. We have a lot of people interested in our work and not enough ways to share what’s going on at the company. We write scientific papers about our research work, but they can be a bit dry and too specific to give people a clear overview. We […]