The GroundMetrics Difference

Electromagnetic surveys have been introduced to the oil industry in the past, but haven’t been completely successful due to the limitations of prior technology. GroundMetrics technology is different, and here’s why:

  • Traditional surface operated electromagnetic systems are limited to shallow underground targets and industry standard low-frequency surface sensors do not work very well, if at all, in many terrains of interest. This includes sand, desert ice, frozen tundra, gravel, caliche, exposed rock, and on volcanic rock as well as extremely cold and hot environments. GroundMetrics technology operates effectively in almost any terrain and environment.
  • Borehole and downhole systems are limited by lateral range. They cannot see very far away from the borehole itself. GroundMetrics’ systems can see in between and far beyond wellbores providing multi-mile resistivity imaging.
  • GroundMetrics acquisition technologies have been designed to optimize speed, accuracy and safety while the imaging technology strikes an effective balance between precision and efficiency to allow for timely and affordable deliverables.

See Oilfield Solutions for more information about applying resistivity/electromagnetic surveys to the oilfield.



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