GroundMetrics is a full-services survey and monitoring company and the world leader in the development of land-based electromagnetic / resistivity sensor systems.

GroundMetrics technologies comprise only part of the value-proposition.  The real value comes from combining the technology with the expertise of GroundMetrics’ geophysicists, geologists, reservoir and petroleum engineers and your geoscientists that have experience with the specific field at hand to generate the most reliable joint interpretation possible.


The development of a new type of sensor technology for the US Department of Defense began in 2001 by GroundMetrics’ sister company QUASAR Federal Systems (QFS), a hardcore electromagnetic R&D contractor. The technology was licensed exclusively to GroundMetrics for commercial purposes in 2010.

Since then, GroundMetrics, in collaboration with oil, gas and geothermal companies as well as the US Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission, has developed a new, more robust coupling approach for measuring low-frequency electric potentials within the Earth as well as other sensor, transmitter, data acquisition, and data processing trade secrets and intellectual property.

  • Five sensor patents granted.
  • Ground sensor system patents pending worldwide.
  • Borehole sensor and borehole transmitter system patents pending worldwide.
  • Top casing source/transmitter patents pending worldwide.
  • Processing and method patent applications in process.
  • More than 15 years experience developing electromagnetic design trade secrets via sister companies.
  • New processing, modeling and inversion methods, and code (trade secrets).
  • Quality control methods, software and graphical user interfaces (trade secrets).


GroundMetrics is part of the five-member QUASAR Group of Companies, the first of which was formed in 1998. This electromagnetic (EM) sensing based technology group has invented, advanced and reconfigured new sensor designs for a wide range of applications including but not limited to geophysics, defense, marine, airborne sensing, physiological signals from the human body, security, biotechnology, and manufacturing process monitoring. Such breakthroughs and broad market applicability have led to a series of spin-outs.

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