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Eos™ Wireless 24-Bit Data Recorder

GroundMetrics has developed a 6-channel data recorder with wireless interface and data transfer for operation with our eQube™ and mCoil™ sensors, as well as commercially available magnetic induction sensors. The productized version will eventually be modified for compatibility with conventional electric field sensors.

wDAQAdvantages of the Eos are:

  • Deployment with multiple disparate sensor systems allowing for survey design flexibility. For example, surveys are not limited to line configurations or fixed spacings.
  • Deployment in areas where less cable is advantageous
  • Circumstances where minimal gear and portability is desirable

The Eos™ digitizes with 24-bit resolution and offers a variety of advanced performance features.

  • 1000 samples per second (SPS) per channel
  • Data buffered and streamed to standard or HC SD cards.
    • Run time of one month or more without reaching storage capacity
    • Old data never overwritten even when the unit’s power is cycled
    • Stored data can be cleared in seconds using special command
  • Data acquisition synchronized with GPS time with absolute accuracy of 100 ns.
  • GPS timing information included in data stream
  • Temperature-compensated crystal oscillator able to maintain timing precision over temperatures from 0° to 70° C
  • Periodical temperature and battery readings included in stored data stream
  • Capability for a programmed start time
  • Separate integrated analog and digital battery power supplies with built-in battery monitor.
  • Wireless interface provides real-time monitoring of data streaming. Useful for setup and pre-measurement verification.